Friday, April 6, 2012

A game of Tag.

Remember when you were a kid and would go to the playground? What was your favorite game to play? Well one of mine was tag. It didn't matter if it was freeze tag, Duck and Goose (come on! you know this counts as tag!), or simply the original tag-you're it game. Either way I loved it!

Well this morning I woke up to find that I had been tagged- blogger style! Thanks to Becky at Teaching, Learning, & Loving I have now been tagged into the game. Go check out her blog if you don't already follow her! She's great!

Here Are The rules:
* Post these rules
* Answer the 10 questions that the tagger posted for you
* Create 10 questions of your own to ask the people that you're about to tag
* Tag 10 people and link them with your post (and let them know they've been tagged!)
Here are Becky's Questions
1.  What grade do you teach?
I teach have taught kindergarten for the past 2 years. At the beginning of last year though I briefly taught 3rd grade for 3 weeks.
2.  What is your favorite unit/theme to teach?
Oh! I think its different each year. Or at least so far it has been for me. I really enjoyed our Thanksgiving unit this year. We did lots of great writing, made Indian clothing and accessories, read tons of books, compared and contrasted Indians and Pilgrims, learned and sang Thanksgiving songs and ended it by having our own Thanksgiving Feast. The kids had tons of fun and seemed engaged throughout the entire unit and it was so much fun to teach!

3.  Who is your favorite tpt seller?
Oh... there are so many tpt sellers that I visit on a regular basis. I'm just going to name a few that I follow and love opening up my e-mail to find that they have a new packet available.
Deanna Jump
DeeDee Wills
Julie Lee
Teacher Tam
Reagan Tunstall
Becky Baxter

4.  Do you have any freebies on your blog?
Yes! Follow some of these links to pick up some freebies I have posted. I need to get a new freebie out... I promise I'll have one soon.

So I really thought I had more than that. But I guess not. I better get on it and post some more freebies, eh?

5.  What are your top 3 favorite blogs to visit?
Oh lord! Do you know how hard this question is? I don't think I have top 3 favorite teacher blogs! Because I have top 100 teacher blogs! I love them all equally. I love reading them, seeing what they have to say, getting new ideas from them.

So I'm going to change this questions a little bit... I hope that is okay. Instead of answering my top favorite teacher blogs, I'm going to tell you my top 3 NON-TEACHER blogs. I really really really hope thats okay! (Don't hate me, please!)
1. Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss - Julie has a home-interior blog. She gives lots and lots of inexpensive home decorating tips. I get giddy when I see that she has a new post out. Oh! Did I forget to mention that she happens to be another Tennessean. 
2. Confessions of a 20 Something - PinkLouLou is AMAZING! I love her. She takes us on the journey of her life, interrupting that with tips on hair, makeup, and personal opinions on music. (She is most likely Carrie Underwood's #1 fan. And I love Carrie Underwood!)
3. Babbling Abby- Okay, so yes. She is a teacher. But she's also a wife, a mother, and a fun, funny, and entertaining. If you don't follow her blog Babbling Abby, I definitely recommend it. Or at least check out her teacher blog- The Inspired Apple.
6.  Do you have any kids?
I do not have any kids. I do want them. But me and the boyfriend want to wait until we are married to have little ones running around. Hopefully these two things will happen soon. 

7.  Where is your favorite place to travel or vaca?
I love Flordia. I love the beach. I love the little drinks with the umbreallas and the waves crashing on the sand. Jumping the waves. Getting a tan. Lets face it, I love every part of the beach - EXCEPT for bathing suits! I mean who likes those? But since the boyfriends mom lives in Myrtle Beach, I like going there too.
8.  What is your favorite place eat? And what do you get there?
Okay, Anthony -the boyfriends is an AMAZING cook, so most of the time we just eat here at home. But once in awhile it is nice to have a date night and go out and enjoy ourselves. (I swear people, we act like we are an old married couple.) When we do go out we like Outback Steakhouse. We ALWAYS get the bloomin onion. Its the only appetizer that we get- ever. We LOVE it! Then we both get a steak, baked potatoes, and some veggies. I think thats where I want to go to night actually!

9.  What is something easy you do for dinner when you are in a hurry?
Frozen pizza (period)

10.  Do you have a teacher tip for us?
 Don't spend all of your paycheck on your classroom. Set a budget or a percentage. Otherwise not only are you going to be completely broke at all times, your are not going to be happy. 
Also make sure that you enjoy your life as a mother, wife, girlfriend, human being... and that you are not just 100% consumed as a girlfriend.
Okay, so here are the 10 people I'm going to tag.
Fun For First
Sharing Kindergarten
Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes
Teaching Little Apples
Mrs. Albanese's Kindergarten Class
A Teeny Tiny Teacher 

Here are your 10 questions:
1. What grade do you teach?
2. What classroom item could you not live without?
3. What is your favorite thing about teaching?
4. What advice do you have for someone who is trying to become a teacher or going through the hiring process?
5. If you one day woke up and decided you didn't want to be a teacher anymore, what career-field would you want to take on?
6. What do you like to do when you are not teaching?
7. What is your favorite TV show? 
8. What is your favorite restaurant? What do you eat there?
9. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
10. What is your favorite blog? Why?


  1. Your welcome! Have fun! Can't wait to read your answers!

  2. Thanks for playing along! I loved reading the answers to all your questions. So fun!

  3. Thanks for tagging me Becky! It was fun playing along!


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