Friday, April 13, 2012

TN Meet Up

Ya'll I'm SUPER excited.... and kinda nervous.... about TOMORROWS' TN Blogger Meet-Up! Laura from Kinder Kraziness, Jessica from Under the Alphabet Tree, Becky from Teaching, Learning & Loving and MANY MANY others are going to be there! If its up to me, I think you should be there too! Come on! You know you'll have fun! And where are we meeting you ask? Well Demo's of course! YUMMY! I haven't been to Demo's in FOREVER! But right now I'm STARVING and it is making my stomach growl just thinking about all the good food we will be eating tomorrow. 

So go on. Get on your e-mail server. Type a little message and send it to Laura to let her know you are going to be there so that she can reserve your spot today!


  1. hehehe! I am so excited too... AND nervous! =) I told my teaching buddies at work today what I was doing this weekend and giggling b/c I know how dorky I had to have sounded!

    Under the Alphabet Tree

  2. I've been trying to talk one of my co-workers, the girl that got me into blogging in the first place, into coming with me. But she wouldn't budge. I was sad. She had to take care of her triplets instead.


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