Monday, April 23, 2012

21 Day Count Down!

Is it Monday already? Ugh... if you ask me the weekend goes by WAY TO FAST! But I love my kiddos and I'm excited to get back to work. I just don't like waking up before the sun decides to shine. So I'm sorry that I haven't posted in ALMOST a week. My computer is going crazy. One minute it is working the next minute, it's not. It's frustrating!!

This weekend has been the best though! What did I do, you ask? Nothing! Which usually drives me insane, but after the past couple of weekends of being super-duper busy I just needed some rest. I DID try and go up to the school. I even made it there on Sunday! But to my surprise, my door was locked! Which usually would be no big deal right? EXCEPT for the fact that when I changed rooms in August I never got the correct door key to my room. So I didn't get in or get anything accomplished! Thankfully I had my lesson plans done before I came home on Friday (Yay! Go me!) but I still haven't made my copies. So as soon as I get to school this morning, that is #1 on my to-do list. I'm thinking I'll just make enough for today and then finish up this afternoon. Monday morning copy lines are crazy at my school. I try to avoid it if at all possible.

I keep telling myself only 21 more days of school. (I think thats correct anyways!) I am kinda excited about that... kinda nervous I won't get EVERYTHING I want to get done, done... and kinda sad that I'm losing another group of kiddos. That is always a bitter-sweet thing for me. I'm so excited for them because they made it through kindergarten and now love school... but then I realize they won't be in my class and with me moving this year I'll never see them again. Plus one of the lucky girls in my class is moving to Italy for 2 years. Can you imagine that? Ahh... so jealous! I kinda want to tell her mom to pack me up in a suitcase and take me with them... but somehow I don't think that would work too well.

But in celebration of the end of the school year approaching, I made you a Roll, Say, Keep! freebie! It turned out really cute... and I almost thought about selling it... but I figured it could be my end of the year gift to you! (Not that I won't be producing more freebies! I already have one simple one in the works for you for tomorrow!)

So this "gift" includes 2 game boards and  3 sets of cards (sight words, color words, and number words to 25). I hope that you can use it!


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  2. What did I miss? Where are you going?

  3. Staci, we could totally arrange that! But my room is tiny.

    I'm moving out of Clarksville. My mom is in really bad health and she took a dive for the worse when my dad died back in September. So we are moving closer to home to help my sister take care of her. I'm sad to move, but I feel lucky that I'll have another blogger close (Becky!) But I'm sure I'll be back here every once in a while in order to keep in touch with some of my good friends!

  4. Adorable freebies! I've never played roll, say, keep before! I'll definitely have to try it out b/c I've been seeing a lot of it in blog-land lately! As I added the link to the Teacher Blogger Exchange blog if you want to stay posted on when the next one is! =)

    Under the Alphabet Tree

  5. *I meant to say... I added the link to the bottom of my most recent post if you want to check it out! =)


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