Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer Plans

20 days left! Woohoo! This teacher is excited (and kinda sad) about the fact that we only have 20 days left. I'm mostly excited to sleep in and wake up on my own accord. Other than that, I could work all summer long and be okay. In fact that is one of the things on my summer to-do list. Yes, I want a summer job. I'd love to do some summer school teaching, maybe one day I will get to do that, just not this year. This year I'll settle for being a waitress or a car hop or a cashier or something pretty darn easy. Thinking about my summer to-do list, I decided to join up with Fun For First and her linky party "Summer Projects/Summer Fun Linky Party."

So here is my list. Once your done reading go join up with Lory and tell us what your summer plans are!

Summer Projects:
1. Get a summer job.
2. Create some items to sell on Etsy (crocheted blankets, tutus, chalkboard labels, and other hand-made products.)
3. Look for a new place to live. (We will me moving in with my mom for a couple of months, but are hoping to move out after just 2-3 months of living there. So a house for rent with a fenced in yard is a MUST!)
4. Finding a new job and preparing to start the new year in a new district. (This actually entails a lot... unless I am super lucky to end up with another kindergarten position *crosses fingers* I am going to have to do a lot of studying and a lot of changing things. Even if I do end up with kindergarten, I am still going to have to dive deeper into Common Core.)

Summer Fun:
1. Take a vacation (I don't care where, I just need to go do something fun!)
2. Go swimming. (I only went swimming 2 times last summer. So this year, especially with living at mom's and her having a pool, I really want to enjoy some swimming.)
3. Go fishing and enjoy the outdoors with my boyfriend/family.
4. Take a trip to Myrtle Beach with the boyfriend to see his mom again. (We haven't been up there since the first year we were dating. He went last year for 2 weeks when she was in critical condition in the hospital, but I don't think that really counts!)
5. Start prepping for our wedding (taking care of some easy details that we are set on so that when we actually do get engaged we won't have to worry about EVERYTHING. -- I am hoping that this does not jinx us. But I do know that he has been looking at rings and we have talked about me getting started prepping things and he seems to be totally fine with it all!) 

So those are my plans. What are yours?

Leave me some love! You have no idea how much I enjoy reading your comments on my posts. It always makes my day so much better!


  1. It sounds like you may be near me this summer in Myrtle Beach. I am from SC only about an hour from MB!

    Joni @ kinderkidsfun.blogspot.com

  2. That would be cool! I really want to check out Charlotte, SC if we go.


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