Thursday, April 5, 2012

300 Eggs

Whew! I am exhausted. I just put the kiddos on the bus after a long day of getting a new students, Book Fair previews, an Easter basket addition craft, indoor recess- which after having to play indoors all winter I very much dislike-, a Easter "Egg Hunt" that had to happen indoors (Silly rain! Why today?), a birthday party, AND a concert practice....BUT the day is not over yet. (Did you think my list was ever gonna end?)

No, I'm not talking about having lesson plans to do, I'm not talking about having cleaning to do (my parents graciously did that for me today after our Easter Egg hunt today)... we have our Kindergarten concert tonight at 6. But I will get to play teacher for about 30 minutes prior to that during the arrival time. That should be fun. Bleh. But I am excited for the concert. The kids have been working hard on these songs all year, and busting our little bunny cotton-tails for the last 2 weeks. We will be singing nursery rhyme hip-hop songs. The kids love it! And they are really good at it. So I think, hope, it will be successful!

Another fun event of the day was our Egg Hunt. This was supposed to happen outside, but around 10 is started looking dark outside. At 2, although it wasn't raining yet, the weather channel website said the storm was almost here. So me and my room mom decided to just put the 300 eggs...yes you read that correctly THREE HUNDRED EGGS around the classroom. Which I just so happen think turned out to be better. There were eggs in the recycling bin, in student baskets, in drawers, in center baskets, in marker cups, on the floor under tables, in cubbies, in the teacher chair, behind the trashcans, in mailboxes.... I mean we're talking about the eggs being EVERYWHERE! There just so happened to be a LOT more hiding places inside then outside... which I think turned out great. And more importantly to me, the kids absolutely loved it! I enjoy seeing my kids have fun almost as much as I enjoy that "Ah-HA!" moment. I mean after-all they are just 5 and 6 years old. They do deserve to have fun once in a while and do things that might not be common-core related. Or maybe I'm crazy for thinking that... either way I'm glad they were able to have fun and enjoy themselves. And as a bonus each child ended up with 15 eggs, which I thought was great since they were only supposed to bring 12. So thanks to those parents that donated 24 eggs instead of just 12, each kid was able to go home with a little extra.

However you celebrated Easter with your kids, or incorporated eggs into your curriculum, I hope you had a great time doing it! Enjoy your 3-day weekend. :)

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