Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finally moved... well sorta

So this week has been Cuh-RAZY! We have been finishing up packing, finalizing storage unit plans, and moving and unpacking. Wednesday was the actual "moving day" although we have been moving and unpacking just about everyday since school got out.

We started our day early getting everything ready to move. My sister and her husband arrived to Clarksville around 1 and we began loading the U-Haul. We were not done loading it until almost 8 that night. that didn't mean we were done for the day though! Nope, we had to drive about and hour to get to our storage unit. We would have started unloading our U-Haul at 9, but my brother-in-law decided he was going to take a "short-cut" and we ended up getting separated. After ending up at the storage unit without him behind us, we tried to figure out how to get a hold of him, since my cell phone was not working! I thought about asking the drummer that was having a personal concert in a few storage units down, but the boyfriend did not think that would be such a good idea. So we finally decided to leave when I had the bright idea to head into a gas station and ask to use the phone. Thankfully I got a hold of my sister and we regrouped and headed back to the storage unit to unpack the U-Haul.
 So at 9:30 we started unloading. We were told the day before that we didn't want to be inside of the gates past 10, so that left us right at 30 minutes to unpack the truck that took us 8 hours to load. We got it done! 10:58. We were leaving. However, when I got back into the U-Haul to pull it around I ran into a poll and had to readjust the U-Haul. I finally got that done and got to the gate. I typed in the code. I expected the gate to lift just like it had every time before. It didn't. I tried to figure out what was wrong. So I typed the code in one more time. The screen read "Sorry. Area close." What do you mean, area closed? I just want to leave. I'm not trying to get in. I just want to go home. Take a shower. Possibly have an ice-cold drink. Relax. That's all! I'm not asking for anything special. But nope... I guess with this storage unit, the hours are strict. Closed at 10, really does mean closed!
Ugh! So at this point I was frustrated! They locked us in. My sister and her husband had already made it through the gate. But my boyfriend, driving the van, and I, was driving the U-Haul, did not. What in the world were we supposed to do. We had our pillows. Our couches were already in the storage unit... our dogs who were in the van with the boyfriend were being good... maybe we could camp out? Make a night of it. Frustrated... tired... and dirty.... I was about to give up, when this guy comes out the side door of the building. He's not saying anything... but he is laughing. I tell him we were a minute late, asked us if we could get out so we could go home.... he is still not talking... so I'm kinda creeped out at the point.... he punches in a code, over riding the system, and the gate opens. Finally... we are free!! Woohoo! Ice-cold drink, dinner, shower... here I come!

So that was our night on Wednesday. I still can't believe it is already Saturday night. These last few days have been a total blurr of packing, moving, unloading, and organizing... and it still isn't all finished.

The nutty thing about this is it is just the first time this summer that we will have to do all of this. The boyfriend and I have temporarily moved in with my mother so that we can save up for a move to a near-by town this summer. We've only been here at my moms for 4 nights (the days don't really count, because we've been busy moving/unpacking/cleaning during the days and have barely been here) and I am already itching to get out of here. I miss having privacy and it just being the boyfriend and I. But I'm crossing my fingers that everything will work out for the best and we will have our own place to call home at the end of the summer.

However, I will say that what did make this day worth is was the packet waiting for me on my mom's kitchen table when I got home! I still can't believe I won a giveaway! It was so nice relaxing while reading

Thanks Sandi for this wonderful prize/gift! It really made my day!!


  1. That was scary! I am so glad that the packing and moving are all done and you can rest some.I have been thinking about you!

  2. Oh my, what an adventure!! I would've been freaking out if I thought I was trapped in there for the night. It's sounds like you have been through a lot the past few days. Take some time & rest!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Wow! Craziness and how creepy was that man?!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog


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