Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Pinning Wednesday

Hey everyone! I'm super excited about today! It is the day that I have prayed for for FAR TOO LONG, the day that I believe holds a turning point for my future... The boyfriend is going in for an interview! Woohoo! If he gets this job he will be making more money than me.... without a college degree. If you believe in prayers, pray for this one for me. I'd greatly appreciate it!

Anyways! I've been pinning a lot lately! I just set myself up a new board so I thought I'd share some of the pins on that board. It is my "Summer To Do List." Some of these you have seen before. Some of these are completely new to me. But all of these have to do with the set up and organization of my room! Which I have changed the theme of. My classroom will no longer be ladybugs, but instead bright colors. For a freebie that showcases some of the colors from my theme, as well as my new classroom management system head over to Wild About Teaching to check out my guest post from yesterday (if you haven't already done so.)
So here is a few of the items that have made their way onto my summer to do list!

                                                           (source: Project Life. 2012)
I love these! I think they are cute! But even more than that, before some paint, they are free? My only problem is I'm not quite sure how to make these safe for the kiddos. If you have any advice on these, PLEASE let me know. I really do not want any cut fingers.

                                                             (source: Classroom DIY)
I'm super excited about these! I think they are classy and cute! I bought the frames last night. I've thought about painting the frames, but I'm not sure. I wonder if leaving them black would let the scrapbook paper pop more. What do you think??

I love this! Blow up a balloon, glue buttons to it, let dry. Then pop balloon. Easy-peasy-cutesy bowl! I just am not sure what I would actually use it for inside the classroom. So this one might just be "For the Home" thing.

                                                       (Source: Peachy Keen Stamps)
I love this classroom wreath! Bright and colorful! Just like I'm liking it. PLUS I might be able to fit in a ladybug where that bumble bee is!! :)

To see more of my "Summer To Do List" check out my pinterest board!

I'm linking the post up with Laura over at Kinder Kraziness!


  1. The frame idea is super cute! Crossing my fingers for the boyfriend-sounds like a great job.

  2. I love the frames! I'd keep them black... it really does make the paper pop. I did something similar but with "notebook paper" style scrapbook paper as a to-do dry erase frame! Come check it out :]

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  3. I'm loving the wreath and balloon bowl. I used to make Easter baskets with my kiddos something like that. We used material and wheat paste. Super cute----

    Thanks for sharing! :)
    First Grade and Fabulous

  4. How did you put that on your blog?????? Write me back and tell me!

  5. Mrs. C I sent you the directions on how to add the petition button to your sidebar! It should be in your e-mail now! I hope this helps!


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