Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Blog ALERT and My Obsessions

I am so excited!!! For so many reasons!
1) I am SOOOOO close to 100 followers! I am planning a giveaway for this! I already have some great blogging friends who have told me that they want to help out in this. If you would like to help me out, let me know! 
2) My mentor and great friend, J Tilton, has finally started her blog! I've been telling her she needed to do this forever and I've known the name of her blog for months... which I love! Kindertrips! The "trips" is not because she likes field trips..... not saying she doesn't like them.... thats just not the reason.... in fact she always planned all of our kindergarten field trips. (Thanks Tilton!!) But she has triplets! They are the sweetest girls that you will ever meet... and super smart just like their momma!
So go check out her blog! You wouldn't want to miss it! She already had lots of ideas posted on her blog! She is definitely my biggest inspiration. I don't know what I would have done my first two years teaching without her! I don't know how I'm supposed to go on without her (I'm moving and we will no longer be teaching together--- super sad about this!)
(Click on the picture to go to her blog!)
3) (Okay this is an update from the original! But I wanted to share it and not wait!) I'm also excited about my new freebie! Its been too long since I offered you a freebie! So check it out at my TPT store!

4) I have found so many great linky parties lately!!! I can't wait to link up and party with the best! 

The first one I have to do is the Obsessions one! (Hang with me, some of my obsessions are school related!!) So here goes....
1) Sweet Tea! Ya'll I have a problem! Its like all I drink! I don't drink sodas (well except for Sprite, and the other day while I was moving I was dying of thirst and drank my B-I-L's Dr. Pepper), I RARELY drink juices, or milk, or water.... All I drink is Sweet Tea. I love it!
2) Blog! Blogs! Blogs! I love them! I follow so many that it took me almost 2 FULL days to catch up on what I missed this week! But I can't skip any of them! I have to read them! I want to know what your doing and what tips you have for me! I don't know what I would do without you! I am so glad that J Tilton, Kindertrips, introduced me to Mrs. Jumps blog over a year ago and caused me to fall in love with blogging and all things blog related!!!

3) Scarves! The boyfriend and I were joking the other night about how I need an entire closet just for scarves. Although this isn't exactly true! I wish it were! I would like to have a different scarf for every outfit! 
 (Photo Source: Style Check Up)

4) My laminator! What would I do without these!? I love my laminator soooo much that I have two! One of each of these Scotch Laminators! One for home and one for school! And although I thought I was a little crazy when I bought two.... I now realize that I couldn't have it any other way!
 5) Pinterest! I've slacked a little bit here lately on this... but I love it nonetheless. It is full of so many ideas! My favorite things to pin are classroom stuff (which I have about bazillion different boards for!), wedding ideas, and home decor! I really think that if I ever quit teaching I would want to be a designer! I love it! (Click on the icon below to head over to my board!)
 6) Sunday Lifetime! Army Wives! Drop Dead Diva! The Client List! I love these shows! Most shows me and the boyfriend watch together religiously, but these are mine! (Although the boyfriend does watch Drop Dead Diva with me.... has since the first episode!) In case you do not know, Drop Dead Diva comes back on tonight!!! I'm setting my DVR now!

So those are my obsessions! What are yours? Let me know by leaving me a comment or heading over to Living A Wonderful Life and join up with her linky!

Living a Wonderful Life


  1. I loved my laminator too, but I learned the hard way that they are totally serious about putting the film in closed side first! I was laminating late at night and no paying attention, next thing I know the film is wrapped around the roller bar inside the machine and I now have to purchase a new one :( I may have to buy two though now that you've opened my eyes to the double laminating possibilities! I'm off to peruse Kindertrips, have a great Sunday!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. Jennifer, I've bought 3 altogether. I still don't know what happened to my very first one. I had it over a year and then the laminating paper just got stuck. I'm going to assume that I wasn't paying attention and put it in the wrong way.... but I really have no clue! :( But I'm just happy to have two now!

  3. Thank you for the post above. I really am feeling like a blogger now. Your kind words about my daughters made my heart happy!

  4. I watch all those shows too. They are great!!


  5. Such a cute blog! I'm a new follower!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  6. I'm a tea only drinker too!!! Pop just isnt my thing and I could live on just tea and lemon!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog

  7. Super good to know I'm with great company. I've also got this thing with Pinterest, Blogs, and my Laminator.

    Looking forward to getting to know you, so I've added you to my blog list. :o)

  8. We are also getting close to 100. Come follow us! We are your newest follower! Thanks for the wonderful freebie too!

  9. Thanks so much for linking up! I'm your newest follower! I totally feel you on the laminator. Last year, I put something in and it never came out. The hubby and I performed surgery and it works like new! I think I need to make a pitcher of sweet tea now...yum-o!

    Living A Wonderful Life


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