Monday, May 28, 2012

Alphabet Songs

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day! We didn't do much, just got our storage unit set up and ready for our move on Wednesday and went to moms for some BBQ and good company.

I have a few things to share with you tonight! First up is Have Fun Teaching's Alphabet Songs! These songs are so fun! Unfortunately I am just hearing about them so I have not gotten to use them in my classroom. However, after listening to several of their songs on YouTube I can't wait to use them next year! They are a great resource! My kids this year loved learning things using songs and honestly I can't think of any kid that doesn't like music and moving! Check out this ABC Song!

I absolutely LOVE how it not only goes through the letters (showing both capital and lowercase) but also goes through it again giving the sound of each letter!

They also have videos for each letter! Definitely a fun and motivating way to introduce, learn, remember, and review letters and their sounds!

---Next on the agenda for tonight is to tell you about A-B-Seymour's HUGE 200 Follower Giveaway! She has lots of great things up to give to one lucky winner! Although I am crossing my fingers that I am that lucky winner, it'd be a great package for any of us teachers to win! So get over there and enter. You have until Midnight Wednesday to enter!!

---Finally, I wanted to remind you about my Memorial Day Giveaway! Everything at my TPT store is 10% off until tomorrow night! I've recently added some things and I'm hoping to get a few more things up before the sale ends. (Click on the picture below to head on over to my store!!)
Okay well I'm off to read your wonderful blogs before I hit the bed tonight! Tomorrow will consist of packing up the kitchen, tearing down the bed, packing up the rest of the odds and ends around the house, and getting the U-Haul set up for Wednesday! I'm ready for this week to be over!



  1. I just posted those songs on my blog too! :)

    Apples and ABC's

  2. Hey, thanks for your awesome blog post! Teachers and parents, be sure to check out the Alphabet Videos by Have Fun Teaching! Your kids will have SO MUCH FUN learning the Alphabet and Phonics!

  3. I love those songs!! This was the first year that youtube was not blocked at my school. Boy did we take advantage of it!!

  4. Those songs are awesome! I can't wait to use them at the beginning of next year! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog ... just joined yours :)
    I love that ABC song. I pinned it. Thanks for sharing.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  6. It's so funny that you posted this video my daughter and I stumbled upon it a few days ago on you tube, she loves it! Unfortunately, my district blocks everything on their network so I can't show these types of quality videos to my kiddos!

  7. I did it - I made a blog. I have no clue how to spice it up, but I have the summer to learn. Thanks for encouraging me. I think it will be super fun. I am missing you! Hope the move went well.

  8. J Tilton, its so great to see that you finally took the plunge and made yourself a blog! Super excited about checking it out!! I've missed you too... Maybe we can do lunch or something after our Professional Development on the 21st?!


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