Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend & Sale

For most of us Memorial Day Weekend means the beginning of summer! Cookouts! Swimming! Family Times! Watermelon! (okay, now I'm making myself hungry!!) 

However, the real reason of Memorial Day goes beyond summer and fun. For my family and many other families here where I live, Memorial Day is about REMEMBERING those that have served... those that have lost their lives while trying to protect the lives of others. 
 (This picture was taken on a trip I took to Washington D.C. in the spring of 2007. 
All of the men and women that are pictured here had already lost their lives in the War on Terrorism. 
Just think 5 year later, how many more people have been added to this wall?)

I personally have several family members and friends that have served... not because they were made to... but because they want to. My father was a Vietnam War Soldier. He always told me that he had the most important job in the military. You see he was the mail carrier. Now growing up I thought he was just being silly. I mean if he didn't actually fight on the front lines, how could his job have been the most important. 
Well, I get it now. You see during the Vietnam War there wasn't skype, there wasn't facebook, or e-mail, or even telephones. The only way that the soldiers were able to hear from those that they loved were by the letters that my dad delivered to them. Those letters gave those men and women the strength to go on, knowing that someone at home loved them and was thinking about them.
With the use of technology now, we can talk to those that we love and care about on a more regular basis. So rather the person that you love is sitting on the couch beside you or they are thousands of miles away, let them know that you love them. 
And if you see a military man or women, make sure you tell them "Thank You!" I have seen men and women tear up over those words and it always lets me know that they appreciate that we appreciate them!


In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, I am having a sale at my TPT store.

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