Saturday, May 19, 2012

EOY Blues + Freebie + Mini-Giveaway

Do you find it oddly insane that the school year is over? I, personally, just feel like it has started. I feel like it should be November... or maybe January.... but May??! This school year has FLOWN by! And as much as I'm ready to wake up on my own and not because the alarm clock told me to.... I'm not ready to give up my daily schedule. Maybe I'm a little OCD... but without work I always feel lost. I never know what to do. The boyfriend tells me I'm a workaholic... and he might not be lying.

Most Fridays I stay at work until 7/8 o'clock. Last night I was there until almost 9. Not doing Friday's usual, which consists of lesson plans, gathering resources, and making copies... but packing. My room looks and feels empty.

I started taking down the calendar board and one of my kids saw me and told me I was "ruining our classroom." It about broke my heart. Another little boy, who has been one of my toughest behavioral kids looked at me yesterday morning and said "I'm going to miss you."

Break. my. heart.

On Thursday I had to say goodbye to one of my little angels. She is going on vacation to see family, I believe her dad is getting ready to deploy so she has been out a lot lately. It tore me up to say goodbye to her. Then she told me she would come visit me next year.... I don't think she understood I would never get to see her again. (I'm moving...)

Last year I cried like a little girl when the buses rolled out on the last day of school... I have a funny feeling that this Tuesday will be no different. *tears*

Do you get this attached to your kiddos? Or am I just suffering from the want-to-be-a-mommy-so-bad-it-hurts-that-my-kinders-become-my-kids syndrome? Needless to say, I do NOT want 20 kids of my own... :)

This weekend I'm going to be super busy, I am about to get ready to go to the boyfriend's Nan's house for a little b-day celebration.... then when I get back I will be finishing up E-O-Y stuff... I'll try and take pictures and post them tomorrow!

If you still need something to give to your room parents... here is a little tag you could attach to anything... we attached the round ones to suckers that looked like Hawks (school mascot). They were super cute... but I was not able to take a picture of them :(.

Thank You Labels One more thing before I go... I just uploaded my Buggy For Calendar Pieces to my TPT store.

I priced them at 2.50... but here's the deal. The first 2 people that blogs about these calendar pieces and leaves me a comment with the url to their blog post will get these for FREE! 

Well peeps, I better get going. Have a fabulous Saturday.


  1. Awww I totally get the want-to-be-a-mommy-so-bad-it-hurts-that-my-kinders-become-my-kids syndrome!


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