Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fish, Puppies, and a FLASH Sale

Wow! What a crazy couple of past days! Monday I woke up to my boyfriend telling me that we were going to head to the lake and go fishing. Although I was not quite ready to wake up yet, I was super excited about the fishing!

It was a gorgeous (although my phone picture above does not do justice!)  overcast day. Although we didn't catch any fish I really enjoyed the day at the lake. 

Tuesday was a great day as well. I spent most of the morning just chilling and then I got myself pampered. It was a well-needed pampering session. Then I had a great night out with some friends. Went to a free concert and then we headed downtown Nashville.

Yesterday I spent the day shopping with the boyfriend. Headed to Murfreesboro, then to Smyrna, then to Nashville, then to Oregon... oh wait! Thats right! We didn't want to drive 1 day & 16 hours to Hillsboro Oregon (we were supposed to be going to Hillsboro, Nahsville when the boyfriend typed in the address to the GPS and didn't realize it was taking us to Oregon!) So we ended up in Mt. Juliet. But we did get in a little bit of shopping and home decor browsing done. We found lots of cool items that we'd love to have for our house, when we get it. But while at Haverties we found a little treasure that only cost $6 instead of the original $25! What a deal!  Oh! And it will go great with our beach themed bathroom when we get into that new home! Isn't it gorgeous?

And Finally for the crazy, beautiful, sometimes awful-ly great week.... Ms. Bella (my sister's dog) has given birth to 10 puppies this morning. I've been up since 6:30 this morning watching and assisting in her labor process. Sadly two of the pups have not survived. 1 was still born and one didn't make it out of the sac in time. (I hadn't gotten in the room yet.) We all feel so guilty about this one. Because we could have made a difference. But the other 8 - 6 boys and 2 girls- puppies are doing great. Ms. Bella is EXHAUSTED of course! But who wouldn't be after having 10 babies? In case you are wandering, the puppies are 1/2 beagle, 1/4 bassett, and 1/4 terrier. Most are white with brown spots, there are 2 that are completely brown just like my Mr. Bagel (my dog). Sadly the two that passed looked just like their daddy as well.

In honor of these pups, I have created my "Dog House Literacy Packet" and posted it for sale in my TPT site. It will be selling for $6.00... BUT it is on sale for 3.50 for the next... well, until I take it off sale tomorrow sometime. It is 39 pages, aligned to CCSS, and has several Literacy Activities, including: CVC word building, Scrambled Sentences, and Rhyming Word Pairs (plus other great activities)!! Plus... because I'm feeling nice the first 2 people who leave me a comment will get this as a freebie!


  1. the puppy pic! The literacy pack looks great!

  2. Oh, I felt so bad for the puppies, but happy for those that survived. They look so cute. What a peaceful fishing spot. Your literacy pack looks like fun.

    Kinder Cuties

  3. Cute!

  4. Puppies-how exciting! You look like you are enjoying your summer.

  5. Thank you for the packet. I was so tired, I didn't think to leave my email, sorry about that. I also wanted to say, my DH is from Franklin TN and often hear about his adventures in Nashville. Sounds like you had lots of fun.

    Thanks again,

    jcrcis at yahoo dot com

  6. 1/2 beagle + 1/2 bassett + 1/2 terrier = 1 1/2 dogs?? haha

  7. Ashley, thanks for pointing that out! LOL. I meant 1/2 beagle + 1/4 bassett and 1/4 terrier. :)


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