Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blog Hopping

Okay.... technically a "newbie" is someone who has just started tinkering or working in a type of technology. Since I started back in Feb (although my blog says September... I consider Feb to be when I really got into blogging!) I guess technically I am not a newbie.

But I saw a great linky and I really wanted to join! So... I did. I hope that's okay?!

PLUS by me joining up maybe some of the real "newbies" out there will see this AWESOME linky party and will join up to spread the news about your blog!

But first! In order to join you have to answer a few questions about yourself.

1.)  What state are you in?

2.)  What is your current teaching position?
I have been teaching kindergarten for the past 2 years.

3.)  What is your teaching experience??
I have taught kindergarten for 2 years, I student taught in kindergarten and 4th grade, in college I did a year of pre-school teaching, and in high school I worked with small groups in 3rd grade.

4.)  When did you start blogging?
I "officially" started blogging in Feb of 2012. (so maybe since I have only been blogging 5 months, I am actually a "newbie.")

5.)  Share some blogging tips or a resource.
Interact with other bloggers! Leave comments. Get involved in the blogging community! You can build so many amazing relationships through blogging!

Off to hop and through and meet some new bloggy friends!


  1. hey! I'm your newest follower. This will be my first year teaching Kindergarten. Best fo luck :)

  2. Thanks for hosting this! I'm a speech therapist in the schools and am just now discovering all these wonderful teacher blogs! I hope you'll visit me at:

  3. Sounds interesting. Looks like you are a specialist on this because you just made it so easy to be with you, motivated me to learn more on the subject!
    Nursery School Franchisee


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