Friday, March 9, 2012

What do you do? and Giveaway reminder!

Woohoo! The kids have been put on the bus, the chairs have been put up... this teacher is ready for the weekend! Not that I have much to do this weekend... but I am certainly ready to relax. I will say sadly, that because I didn't get my centers laminated, I will be working this weekend and will probably be up at the school for a couple of hours. Here's my question to you. How do YOU manage to teach, grade papers, create lesson plans, create games for centers, AND get it all done by Friday? I realize that we work after school... and I'll admit I've been a slacker on that end of things this week... but even when I do work all week before and after school, I've only been ready for the next week by Friday a handful of times in my 2 years of teaching. Maybe its just because I'm a new teacher. That could totally be the reason. And if it is, then I'll accept it. But if not, what am I doing wrong? What could I be doing better? To save myself time and work and STILL be a great, effective teacher (which I hope I am!) and get to enjoy my weekend and actually live a life outside of being a teacher?

On a somewhat different note, after school yesterday I was hanging out with the teacher that I see as my mentor and closest teacher-friend. She is the reason I started blogging. The reason I started creating items. To say it simply, the person/teacher I want to be. She's my teacher role-model? (Do you guys have one of this type of person?) ANYWAYS.... we were talking about tons of stuff... and finally we started talking about how I plan to move. I was asking her about how she organized her center games, materials, and all of that jazz so that year after year she could find it and not have to print, laminate, etc again. Eventually this conversation led to the question... "I wonder how all of these great bloggers store and organize their center games/materials?" So now its your turn to answer... what do you do? I'm DYING to find out. Because although I love the way I have my computer organized, and I like how I have my phonics organized, I'm not a real fan of how I have all of my center game stuff organized... and am worried that I will have to spend time next year laminating the same things all over again (which not only is an ineffective time management thing, but would get SUPER expensive!)

Just one more thing before I go and bubble in Dibels Next Scores, tonight is the night I choose! So if you haven't entered my contest, now is the time! I am choosing my winner at 8pm!


  1. I would t love to know how other teachers do it too! I have the same problem of always having a ton of work to do on the weekends.

  2. This is my 3rd year teaching-- and I agree! I'd love to know!!! Here is a link that you may want to check out! I will be checking back to her blog periodically because I want to see how other ppl do it.


  3. I have been teaching for 24 years - 17 in kindergarten. I go into school to do work most week ends, and I always have work to do at home. I think it is just part of the kindergarten thing. Kindergarten teaching is very hands on, and since we teach children rather than curriculum, the needs change every year. But it's more fun than any other grade, so it is worth the extra cutting, laminating, stapling ...

    I organize my resources into theme boxes. And I have lots of boxes. Another kindergarten reality.

    I am your 42 follower.

    Come and check out my blog and follow when you get the chance.


  4. Sandi, thanks for sharing! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in the weekend working thing. I think I really like the idea of organizing resources into boxes. Do you use the rubbermaid containers? Where do you go to get your boxes? I feel like I spend so much money on things and that I never have enough money to spend. Thanks for following!

  5. I use paper boxes - the price is right!


  6. Oh, I like that idea. I'll have to check with the office on Monday to see if they still have any! Thanks!

  7. Girl... when you discover the answer- let me know. B/c after 3 years... I'm still a mess when it comes to organizing all my centers! haha =) I have 2 tubs FULL of things that are going to be organized this summer. lol
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