Monday, March 12, 2012

The things we say....

This month our school is enjoying March Madness. Except instead of playing basketball, we are competing within our grade-levels to see which class is "better" at math. Our kindergarten skill is number and number words to 25. This is a friendly competition, but the kids enjoy it... and some of the teachers get REALLY into it. I enjoy it, but instead of stressing my kids out about it, I try to make it fun. So today during math we started practicing. I lined my kids up and for about 5 minutes we worked hard at identifying numbers and number words using our March Madness powerpoint. As each kid stepped up identify their number/number word, I was thoroughly impressed by how many my students were getting correct. They were even getting the number words correct and for some reason they were written in CURSIVE! (Which we will need to change because kindergarteners don't read cursive!)
 Our final score was 88 out of 100 (pretty good, if I say so myself!)

Anyways it got to be one of my emerging students turns. He had already gone 3 times before, 2 of the times being numbers, 1 of the times being number words. This time (his 4th time up to the plate) he looked at the screen and all of a sudden I hear him say "Uh-oh!" I look at him trying to figure out what was wrong. He had said "uh-oh!" because he had gotten ANOTHER number word! It was so funny and so cute, I couldn't help but laugh. I told him the answer and told him I loved him and that he was too funny. I couldn't help but think about Bill Cosby's "Kid's Say the Darndest Things." I have to say I love it when my kids catch me off-guard with their little saying, words, phrases that they decide to use out of no-where.

So I found a cute blog Fun For First while I was blog hopping yesterday. She has a a great linky party going on right now... which just so happens to sorta go with my earlier thought. Except this time it refers back to Jeff Foxworthy's "You know your a ____ when ___." So I decided to join and share one of my own.

Yes! I really did this! I had just finished up my geometry unit when me and the boyfriend decided to go enjoy ourselves at a friends house. It was post-dinner, and I have NO idea what they were talking about, I'm guessing it was video game stuff, when I out of no where say "this table's pattern is made out of hexagons." Everyone just stopped and looked at me confused. After I explained they started laughing, telling me that I wasn't at school anymore. I guess I can't ever turn the "teacher" mode off.

So go join up with her linky party and read the many other "You know you teach ____ when..." You'll find that you can't stop laughing either!

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