Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Behavior Plan and Great Spring Packet

So this week has been crazy. Several times during the day my students have looked at me and asked if I was okay. I'm sure they thought I was dying at one point or another. But hopefully with this sinus/allergy medicine I will be much better this week. At least to the point that I can do small groups without having a student literally run to get me the water bottle from my desk because he thought I was dying. But it was a pretty productive week.

On Friday I found a new behavior incentive that I plan to start using. Whenever I see a student doing something good, rather it is listening to me while others are talking, or being the first one in their seat ready to learn, or going to their centers quietly... I am going to give them a ticket. On the ticket they will get to write their name. Then they will go place the ticket in a bucket. On Friday I will draw 4 students out of the bucket. Those 4 students will get to eat lunch with me. If it is nice outside, we will be going outside to enjoy our lunch. If its a rainy day we will be eating inside and when they get finish eating they will get to have computer time or we'll play a game or something fun! I'm very excited to see how this works.

I just ran across Becky's from Teaching, Learning, & Loving blog. She has a great Spring Packet that she has created and I wanted to tell you about it! It is all about building sentences! You should definitely go check it out!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm emailing you now!!

  2. I love your new blog design!!! I was so excited when I got mine. Soooo cute ;)

  3. Thanks Becky! I love it too. I was ready for a change!


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