Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break - Tuesday

I'm on Spring Break this week so I've been enjoying myself and spending time with family! Today I got to go eat lunch with three of my favorite school-aged kiddos. They were all super surprised that I came! I didn't tell them (in fact I don't even know if they knew I was in town!) But they enjoyed it and I did too. I moved away 6 years ago, the oldest was just 4 at the time, now she's in 4th grade. The boys are 2nd grade and kindergarten! It was the first time I'd ever eaten lunch with the kindergartener and at least 2 years since I'd eaten with the other 2.
 Wyatt - Kindergarten
                            Jackie Dale - 2nd Grade                               

Kassi - 4th Grade

While I was at their school I had about an hour to spare between eating with Wyatt and Jackie, so I asked Wyatts kindergarten teacher if I could so kindly look at her classroom. I loved it. It was BIG. MUCH bigger than mine! I mean she had a couch in her room. WoW! One thing that I did wonder about though was that she told me that she doesn't have time for BOTH recess and centers in her schedule. So that got me thinking about all the other kindergarten classes out there. Do you have time for both recess and centers in your schedule? If not, what do you do? I know my schedule allows me to have time for Literacy centers (for an hour in the morning), recess (20 minutes right after lunch), and math centers (30 minutes right before specials). In fact I personally feel like the majority of my day is spent in small group/centers. She did say that she does the Daily 5. So maybe this takes the place of what I count as my centers?? I don't know, it was just interesting.

On a side note, during my hour that I was trying to kill I ended up meeting the principal. I was looking at some student work in the halls (another one of the things I love to do when I have time) and this official looking guy was walking in the hall. I felt like I was going to get in trouble thought he might be the principal so I introduced myself and told him that I would be moving back to the area this summer. He asked me if I was interested in teaching when I moved down here, YES! YES! YES! HIRE ME!!! HIRE ME!!! HIRE ME!!! I calmly told him yes. He told me that if I didn't have plans on May 12th that the high school was going to be holding a Teacher recruitment for the area.

Soo.... even though its my boyfriends 25th birthday... even though my childhood/teenage years best friend is getting married that day.... I will be at that teacher recruitment trying my darndest to secure me a job (preferably kindergarten/first grade) for next year!

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  1. Wow! How exciting!!! What a great way to spend a day of Spring Break!

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