Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Currently, Giveaway, and Prayer Requests!

Happy "Hump Day"! Only 2 more days until Friday! Yay! I know I'm excited. Yesterday spoiled me. We had the day off because of Election Day! I hope you got to go out and vote. I cleaned house and hung out with the boyfriend. The best part of the day was waking up at 9. I mean, I know I get to sleep in late on the weekend every week... but I think there's something more rejuvenating about sleeping in on a day that you usually have work.

Only 2 more weeks till Spring Break! I'm excited! I think my family and I are going to go to the mountains and get a cabin. I'm looking forward to this, because I have not had a vacation in umm...almost 3 years! Yes, I am LONG overdue for a nice relaxing vacation.

I am going to imagine that I have a tall pina colada in my hand and the breeze and waves are coming in. But the mountains will do for now!

So sadly I do not have any freebies to giveaway today.  But I do have a few giveaways to tell you about. I JUST found out that First Grade Magic is having a giveaway. She is giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate! It ends tonight! So HURRY go over there now and enter to win!!!  A Cupcake for the Teacher is ALSO having a giveaway to your choice of 3 stores (Target,TpT, or Amazon). It will be a $25 Gift Certificate! It also ends tonight! (Sorry ladies and gents, I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT BOTH OF THESE WONDERFUL GIVEAWAYS!) Don't forget about my giveaway! I'm thinking that if I get up to 50 followers (thats just 14 more followers ya'll!) that I will choose 2 lucky winners!

I am also linking up to Oh' Boy Fourth Grade! for this month's Currently! Check out her blog! She's super cute! 

My students would DEFINITELY say I was "cray-cray!" In fact, they started saying this last week. I'm not sure where the word came from. In a way I though they were just being "cray-cray" but then I heard another teacher use this word on a blog yesterday... so I guess its a real word?? If you know where it originated, I would LOVE to know! Thanks!

About my currently, please say a prayer for me if your a praying type of person. I have gone for 3 rounds of blood work in the past month. It started with me just thinking I had arthritis. When I came home today I found out that I had a Dr. Apt on the 21st of this month at a Cancer Care Unit. I'm not sure what this is about. My boyfriend took the call while I was at work today and wouldn't tell him anything... just that I had an apt. I will definitely keep ya'll in the loop. But prayers are definitely welcomed!

OKay.... I KNOW this is probably the LONGEST post I have ever written... so if you are still reading at this point THANK YOU! My boyfriend is a graphic artist and is starting to make me clipart. I only know what I want. So here's my question for you! What type of clipart do YOU want??? Leave me a comment to let me know! You never know... he may just create your clipart!

Have a great Wednesday! See you tomorrow (possibly with a freebie!)


  1. I will be praying for you! I would want clip art that are from children's Dr. Seuss or Eric Carle

    Apples and ABC's

  2. Saying a prayer for you. Where in the mountains are you going? I live in Gatlinburg and we start gettign spring break crazy around this time of year.

  3. If the vacation actually does happen we'll be heading up to Gatlinburg. My mom loves it there. I remember countless times when I was a child being waken up on a Saturday morning, with my mom telling me to pack my bags that we were going to Gatlinburg. We used to go 4-6 times a year.

  4. I am praying for you!

    We love to go to Gatlinburg! I hope that you enjoy your much needed vacation!

    I'm your newest follower!

    First Grade Magic


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