Sunday, September 2, 2012

New things are coming!

Okay, I'm gonna try something new with this little 'ol blog of mine. I'm gonna try a schedule. We'll have to see how it works out... but hopefully with a schedule my blogging will be a little bit more regular.

Sundays I will be linking up with Clutter-Free Classroom for "Snapshot on Sunday." This will serve as a time for me to show what has been going on in the classroom through the use of photos. Sometimes you may end up seeing photos of students, other times I may post center photos or hall displays. But my goal is that whatever it is that I post will give you some sort of inspiration or motivation for the upcoming week.

Mondays for me will be "Math Mondays." This is very common I know. But with the curriculum changing all over, hopefully I can share how I am teaching CC standards in my classroom during math.

Wednesday will be "What I'm Pinning Wednesday." I used to link up to Laura (Kinder Kraziness) every Wednesday and I loved it! So I have decided to continue on my own and dedicate Wednesday to Pinterest ideas that are MOSTLY related to my unit for the upcoming week.

Fridays I will be linking up to TBA's Freebie Friday. 

Saturdays will be Say Whatever Saturday. Now I honestly do not know who this was created by. But I love it. And lets be honest, you know me... I can't keep myself out of the blog. So this will be my day to say whatever I want! :) (FYI: More than likely will not be teacher-related.)

I'll take Tuesdays and Thursdays off from the scheduling. So you may or may not here from me on those days.

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