Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

If you are a kindergarten teacher then you have been lucky enough to be on the front line of Common Core State Standards this year. It is been up to you and your team to decipher the new standards, dig deep into its meeting, and then teach it all at the same time! Well thanks to some of my favorite bloggers here in blogland, I have found the BEST thing for you!
This 600 page Kindergarten Common Core workbook is full of standards, questioning cards, activities, and ADORABLE clipart from Scrappin Doodles.  One of my favorite activities that I was able to sample was the "Sounds" worksheet. This activity shows students a picture and then gives them 3 word samples to choose from. For example, one of them shows a picture of a dog then has the words "log" "dog" and "dot" beside it. The students then choose the word that is correct by tracing it.
Click here to head on over to get your very own copy. And if you are a blogger, hurry over here to see how you can get your very own copy for FREE!


  1. It is a really great book for the teachers to teach. Just imagine that countless hours of choosing and looking for an activity could be spared with tis single book. I will definitely follow the link and find out where I can get one for free. Imagine that everything today could be found online and any kind of help like order dissertation online can be easily detected. It is a fascinating world that we live in, as it is full of opportunities and possibilities for the students of all ages.


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