Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apples Apples Big and Round - What I'm Pinning Wednesday

Apples Apples Big and Round... Look and see what I found. Okay... so it sounded cheesy, but it rhymed! So I am sticking to my guns!

Next week we begin our Apple Unit. I love me some apples... and I really do believe that the Apple Unit is by far one of my favorites. I love what I have done for the past two years to teach my students all about apples... but it doesn't hurt to see what new ideas are out there that I can incorporate into my week's unit plans!  (As an FYI: Monday during Unit we get to go to the Computer Lab. Therefore we do not have Unit on Mondays.)

On Tuesday I will begin the unit by reading a story about Johnny Appleseed. We will talk all about him and discuss WHY he did this. Then thanks to this SUPER CUTE craft by The Lesson Plan Diva, we will be creating our very own Johnny Appleseeds.  Click the picture below to head on over to her blog and get this adorable printable! Hopefully I will also be able to fit in a photo shoot with students in their very own Johnny Appleseed pot.

  1. On Wednesday we will review who Johnny Appleseed was and what he was known for. I will then read a story about Apple Trees. We will discuss how apple trees grown and the different stages they go through. We will complete a sequencing sheet that I have (sorry... I have no picture for it as it pre-dates blogging and pinterest! But if you are talking about Apples this week and sequencing apple trees, then this is a SUPER Cute craft that you can do!  It comes from Growing Kinders!
 Here is another awesome sequencing activity you can for a craft! This one comes from Mrs. Jump's blog. But sadly, I can not find the original posting.

 On Thursday we will be bringing in our favorite apple. We will graph our favorite color apples and discuss the different parts of the apple. We will discuss what an apple looks like, feels like, taste like (reviewing our 5 senses), etc. We will slice open an apple and look at the seeds and see how it forms a star. We will discuss what the inside of an apple looks like. We will make predictions of what the apple will look like in a day? 2 days? We will complete our Apple Investigations worksheet.

On Friday we will discuss what we have learned about apples. I will read a story about apples and foods that can be created out of apples. After reading the story, we will list foods that are made from apples. We will then go outside for our Apple Food Festival.

I hope this helps you with planning your Apple Unit. There are tons of great apple activities out there! To see more Apple Unit Ideas please visit my Pinterest! 


  1. Just dropped in to see if you had any ideas for an apple theme. Off to check out your link. Thanks. :o)

    The Paper Maid

  2. I'm doing apples this week! Love the activities!


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