Saturday, August 6, 2011

A steal and a Giveaway!

Just wait... your gonna be jealous when you hear what I'm about to say! While I was out and about yesterday after school running chores I decided to stop at 2 local thrift stores to see how good their stuff was. I was very impressed. Especially at one particular thrift store when I went to the books sections.

Introducing evidence A ....

and evidence B...
Thats right... I got 9 books written by Dr. Suess and 7 books that have been awarded Dr. Seuss awards, all of which are in practically brand new condition! The kicker, each book was originally priced .99cents. Yet because the store was 30% off store wide, I got them for .69cents each. Oh... wait and it gets better. Because this is TN's tax free weekend, I got them and didn't have to pay tax on them! How much better does it get??

While I was leaving I remembered someone saying that when I get some money I should invest in the Dr. Seuss books. I guess I didn't have to have as much money as I thought I was going to have. :)

Also, DeeDee and Little Warriors  are linking up to have a fabulous giveaway! Go over to Little Warrior's blog to see what you could win and how you can enter!

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