Thursday, August 4, 2011

My very BIG day.

OMG. Am I exhausted or what?? I'll be back, I was just told it's dinner time. Anyways, as I was saying I'm exhausted. Today was the big day. And by big I mean busy. I woke up this morning at 6:30 because I had to be at school in an in-service by 8.  Did all of the required district training, had a great lunch offered by the PTO, crawled around on my knees trying to find my stuff that needed laminating, more meeting, finished my room, then open house. Yes... you heard me right, CRAWLED AROUND ON MY KNEES in the Educational Assistants work room. They are the only people in our school allowed to laminate things... and today was there first day back-we had OPEN HOUSE at 5! I've been trying to make sense of this, but I've come to the conclusion... it doesn't make sense. But it is what it is. So I crawled around looking for all of my stuff so I could make sure it was laminated. I still didn't know if it would actually be done, but it kinda made me feel better. You have no idea how excited I was when Mrs. Nancy brought me my stuff. I couldn't stop thinking her!! All week I've been stressing, and that moment made it all go away. Thankfully I got my room and hall display done. I still have to put up my shapes and colors, and put my nametags on the tabels... but it looked good!!! Very good! I had several teachers and parents tell me how good it looked! Oh... and to end a very busy day. Open House went really well and I am officially excited about the new year!


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