Sunday, October 7, 2012

Say What You Want Sunday

Whew... yesterday was BUSY! But fun! I went to one of my friend's from college weddings. It was great seeing her marry her best friend. The wedding was very simple, but she looked very pretty and happy in her dress. After the wedding, we headed to Opry Mills. It is the first time since it has re-opened that I have been there (except to eat with a few of my favorite blogging friends). It was fun shopping and looking around.

We started off in Bass Pro Shop looking at boats. Friends, I REALLY REALLY want a boat. I would love to be able to go boating on the weekends and just have a really good time. But when I looked at the price I think my heart died just a little. $$27,000. I don't know about you... but for this 24 year old, 3rd year teacher, bills stacked so high I could suffocate girl... I just don't have 27,000 that I can spend on a boat. So maybe, just maybe, it'll happen 5...10...15 years from now. The sooner the better.... but I've got other things I have to get first... like a new car?

We did get to buy one thing that we REALLY needed yesterday. I think I was just as excited about this new toy as I would be about a new car. (Okay... maybe that's a stretch... but I was really excited!) We got a new (*drumroll please*) lawnmower!!! Yippee! No, it's not a riding lawn mower. No, there is nothing really special about this lawnmower. But it works! It was a good deal (or what I consider a good deal- almost $300).... but the most important thing--- my grass will no longer be up to my knees. And I won't get a citation from the city because my grass is overgrown. And my neighbors won't look at me like I am too lazy to mow my yard. (We've been saving up to get a lawnmower so that none of these things would happen.... so fyi:it wasn't because we were lazy, we just couldn't afford it yet.)

The only thing else that we need to buy in order to make me super happy... but it'll have to wait until November... is a dining room table. Right now my dining room is the house to my puppies kennels (that they only use on rainy days).

But I feel like everything is starting to come together. And that makes me feel good!

Oh... thinking about things that we need.... I need a new layout. Because of my big purchase yesterday I don't have any money to spend on one... so does anyone know of any good places to get a new layout? The only thing that it must have is a way for me to REPLY to your comments. Because for some reason, this layout does not have that wonderful feature and it makes me sad that I can't reply to you! :(


  1. has some ADORABLE backgrounds! (I use them on my other 2 blogs and they are all free!)

    1. Thanks so much! Your right, they were super cute. :)

  2. p.s. Hope you have a WONDERFUL fall break! =)

    1. I hope you have a great Fall Break too! (I still can't believe that we are a quarter of the way done with this school year... CRAZY!)


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