Friday, October 12, 2012


I am so blessed!

Today I want to take the time to share some personal thoughts with you. I hope that will be okay. I know this is an educational blog... or is about 75% of the time... but today I have a personal post to make.

This past year has not been the easiest on me. For several reasons. You all may, or may not, know those reasons. The main reason is due to the loss of my father. Then there was some health scares of my own... which finally I said that I give it up to the father above. And haven't went back to the doctor since (which may or may not be stupid...) and I feel fine now. I have not had any pains or aches in a long while and that is good. Then this summer we were so broke we had to move in with my mother and family and give up the life that we were accustomed to. Then the boyfriends dad passed away. School started and I had (at one time) 25 students in my class... some of which were very challenging... one of which who hit me on the very first day of school.

So you ask... if this year has been so hard why do I feel blessed?

Well... its simple really.

*I have a family that loves me and supports me both emotionally and financially.
*The boyfriend is the best guy (after my dad) that I have ever met, and even after all of his faults and my faults, day by day we are still perfect for each other.
*I have been able to spend ample amount of time with my family and my nephew.
*I have a job that helps to pay the bills.
*The boyfriend finally, after searching for close to 3 years, found a job that helps to support me and pay the bills. This income helps to even give us a little spending money so that we can pay for things that we need (like a lawnmower) and things that we have to pay for unexpectedly (like the tire that blew on Tuesday when we were riding around in town). 

And then there is those things that happened today.

After a year of driving my mothers van around (she signed it over to us about a month ago) we were finally able to get new tires, a new battery, and an oil/service change which helped to fix my car that had been sitting in my mothers drive way for the past year. And then by the grace of God my car PASSED emissions and I was able to get tags so that I can now legally drive my car around and won't have to be stuck when the boyfriend is at work and I am at home.

I am very blessed to have a mother that helps me all the time, even though I am 24 and should be able to do it all on my own.

And then there is this...

My father, the best man I have ever known, the "Gift to the world" as one of his favorite t-shirts proclaimed...even a year after his death I am still meeting people that I have never met that knew him and miss him just the same. Today when I was getting my oil changed I talked to the owner and just seeing him made think about my dad. My dad really liked this man. And this man was really fond of my dad. In fact, I didn't realize how long they had known each other. My dad had known this man since he was a little boy. This man is now in his 50's. So my dad knew him all of his life and whenever it came to getting his oil change would ONLY go to his shop. And then there is the unexpected. While I was getting my tags renewed, the woman said that since my car was in my mom and dads name they would need to come in and do it. I told the woman that my dad has passed. She proceeded to say, "I know. Your dad taught me Japanese when I worked with him at the bank." She proceeded to tell me that she had really been fond of my dad.

I know this may seem small to you... but to know that my dad made impressions on so many people is amazing to me. It makes me happy that not only will my family and I never forget him, but neither will tons of other people.

I just feel blessed today. And there are so many reasons why.

I hope that you are blessed and have a blessed day!


  1. What a wonderful post to put things into perspective. You have a wonderful, supportive family and boyfriend and a job to help support yourself. You truly are blessed. We should all live our lives so that we are remembered as fondly as your dad is.

    Down Under Teacher

    1. I definitely agree with you. What a great place this world would be if we all lived our lives in a manner that had people remembering us long after we had passed.

  2. Your dad must have been one special guy! I'm sure he is watching over you now and thinking aww you're embarrassing me.. Haha! It's nice you have all those reminders of how special he was.

    1. He was special. And I hope that he is watching over me. At his burial, there was a white butterfly and it gave me peace. So now every time I see a butterfly, especially a white one, I feel his presence.

  3. Wow!!!!! I totally understand you, my dad passed away three years ago, and eventhough sometimes it has been hard, is very rewarding to meet people who were touched by someone as special as him!!!! You are truly blessed!!!!

    1. Thanks. It is hard sometimes, I'm sure like me, you miss him everyday.

  4. Hey Tangelis-there is a Boo game going on a I boo'ed you! choose a treat from my TpT store! See ya soon! jen


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