Monday, October 8, 2012

New Blog Layout!

I finally found something that I like and that my boyfriend (the designer in the family) thinks looks presentable. Whew! We almost had it out when looking for a blog layout for my teaching blog. He said I needed something that looked professional, that looked good, that well he liked. Thank God we finally settled on something and I was able to work all of the kinks out of it. I hope you like it! The best part for me is that I can REPLY to your comments! Therefore, I will no longer feel like a big bad blogger who leaves you hanging for a response! :) And that makes me happy!

So tell me... what do you think about my new blog layout? Do you like it? Hate it? I will have to get a new blog button created soon. I would do it tonight, but I am about to have to start getting ready so I can go hang out with some friends. Woohoo! I'm loving fall break!


Thanks for stopping by! I love comments!!