Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween!

So far Fall Break 2012 has been a successful one! I've gotten to hang out with friends that I haven't seen in a while, head on a day trip to explore the next town over, which happened to be in a different state... so technically I went "out of town" during my vacation, I got a tire replaced (which didn't start off as a good thing... but we'll look at it on the bright side) and I decorated some for Halloween.

All in all... a success. And I still have 4 days. Tomorrow we will be heading "out of town" again but this time just going to my moms house and hoping to get my car fixed so that I can have a car again.

Getting back to decorating for Halloween, let me show you the newest addition to my wreath collection.
Isn't it adorable? After getting our tire replaced yesterday, the boyfriend and I headed to my favorite store... Hobby Lobby... to find some fabric and the wreath shape. After spending about an hour looking at things that we would love to have, we finally found our way over to the fabric isle to get the fabric.

This morning my girl Kim came over and we got to crafting. It was pretty easy. To recreate this wreath you will need:
1 wreath frame (picture via Hobby Lobby website)

2 yards of fabric (I did 5 different fabrics, equaling 2 total yards.)
Wooden Letters (mine says "Boo" but you can do just about any short word you want.)
Paint (any color... you'll just want to match your wreath. I did black and white.)
A glue gun/glue sticks

So once you've gathered your materials from Hobby Lobby or your local craft store, you will cut the fabric into 1 inch wide and 2-3inches long strips. After you get your fabric cut, you will tie the ribbons around each wire rod. You can make your wreath as full as you would like. Then paint your letters and let dry. Once your letters are dry, use your glue gun to attach the ribbon to the back of the letters. Tie ribbon around the rod in desired space to get them to hang where you want them to.

And viola! Your beautiful, fabric wreath is ready to be hung.

It took me about 3 hours to get my wreath done this morning and I've been admiring it ever since. I absolutely love the way it looks on my front porch!

What are you doing to get your home ready for Halloween/Fall? Leave me a comment and let me know below!

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