Monday, December 31, 2012

Its a New Year... a New Start

Okay so the packets will be done by tomorrow FOR SURE! The boyfriend has been sick with the flu, so I've been acting as maid and as his uncle called me yesterday his "mother." On top of having my hands full with him, yesterday was his--our family Christmas party. I love his family so much. And I love how much they accept me and like me for me and not just because I'm "Iggy's girlfriend." (Iggy is his nickname btw.) Case in point, yesterday I was doing my own thing at his uncle's house. I go to actually find him because it is present time and he is asleep at his NAN'S house. Not at the house we were at. But he had walked across the street and decided to fall asleep on the couch. No one could find him for about 10 minutes.

Anyways... as I was talking to his Nan the other day asking her what I should bring she told me a "veggie tray." Wanting to make it holiday-ish, I decided to head to our favorite site- pinterest of course! So here it is, my pinterest inspired Holiday/Christmas Veggie Tray! (It's a "snow-covered" Christmas tree!)

(sorry the picture is a tad blurry! I thought I took two pictures, but couldn't find the non-blurry one!)

Okay... so tonights the night! Out with the old and in with the new? Right? Bye-Bye 2012, Hello 2013? I'd love to say that 2012 was the BEST year of my life... but it wasn't. The good news, it wasn't a terrible year either.

Probably the best thing was the boyfriend finding a job. Not only did he find one to help pay the bills, but it's a very flexible job that allows him to work from home when he needs to!

Speaking of home, thats another GREAT thing that happened in 2012. No, we weren't lucky enough to buy a house but we did find a great house to rent. I love my home. And if one day I was lucky enough, I would definitely buy this house as a starter home.

So in with the new? What is going to make 2013 a great year? What am I going to do to ensure that it is everything I want it to be? Well here's my game plan!

As far as my personal life goes... I would really like to build up my credit. Before and during college my credit was awesome. But after college I was doing all that I could to just make ends meet, so those pesky loans got pushed to the waste side. Unfortunately that decision wasn't a good one and has now caused me once AMAZING credit to suffer significantly.

On with the blog... I would REALLY REALLY like to start blogging again readily. I've been a terrible blogger lately (I'm so sorry). I won't even begin to make promises on how often I'm going to post. I know it won't be everyday like it used to be. There is just not enough for me to say. And at one point I was wanting it to be every other day, but that also fell through. But I am going to try and better. The key word: try!

So those are my two resolutions. However, for those that truly want to know... I will give you a list of not resolutions, but things that I would LIKE to happen in 2013- my hopes and dreams for 2013 I suppose.

1. I would like to get engaged/married.
2. I would like to become pregnant. I really want to start my own little family.
3. I would like to lose about 70 lbs (before either 1 or 2 happens).
4. I would still like to move closer to my family... so I would like to find a job in Wilson Co.
5. I would like to furnish the rest of my house! (so just finished the dining room and hallway - despite a few little decorations we would like to add. See pictures below!)

(new dining room table)

(Less than a week ago, this hallway was FULL of boxes. Now it is pretty, simple, and ALMOST complete! I have to either paint the mirror or change it out for a darker one!)

That's it. They aren't resolutions, because well 1 and 2 are almost completely out of my hands. #3 I have said time and time again and I still haven't actually done it. #4 I have tried to do two times now and it still hasn't worked out. and #5.... this is probably the most likely, but it takes money... which we are short on most of the time.

So what are your resolutions for 2013? Head on over to The Teacher's Cauldron to link up in this New Years Resolution Linky Party!

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