Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm dreaming of...

Hey! It's me again! You know that blogger that keeps saying she is going to get better at doing this... and then doesn't? Well yea, I'm back. But this time I'm not making any promises about posting again tomorrow... because let's just be honest I've been very sparatic this year with my posts. It doesn't mean I love you any less. It just means that I've been a very bad blogger. Oh well! Here's to hoping it gets better in the New Year? --I'm pretty sure that could be a New Year's Resolution! :)

Anyways, as I'm sitting in my PJS this morning/afternoon... whatever, I began thinking about my dreams from the last few nights. Now I don't remember the entirety of the dream, nor do I really remember the moral. So what then do I remember? I remember seeing my student's faces. I remember waking up and missing them. I feel like one of my dreams had me and another one of my co-workers and I suppose we hadn't been at work in forever (2 weeks feels like forever sometimes, eh?) and we ended up going into each other classrooms and being really confused. When we finally figured out that those faces (the students) that we were seeing did not look familiar and we ended up in our own classrooms we felt much better.

Does this make me strange? Am I the only one that has dreams about my students?

I remember the first year I taught, at the very end of the year after I had passed all of my students, I had a dream that I failed them all. It wasn't because they were bad or not ready to pass to the next grade, it was because I wanted to keep them with me. The next year, whenever I saw them I missed them like crazy! They were still my babies.

 In fact, during our Christmas party this year one of my very first kindergarteners came in to give me a hug. He's a big second grader now, but oh me! oh my! Does he (and in this particular case- his family) still have a place in my heart!

So I have one more week left on this wonderful Christmas break! I have already accomplished so much! We bought a brand new kitchen table (the one I've been wanting since October). You couldn't get the smile off of my face for hours and instead of working on the couch, I've been working at the table! I love it!

Speaking of working, I have two packets just about ready for you! I have already posted the first one, and I'm hoping to get the second one posted today! I'll TRY my best to be back tomorrow or Monday to share them with you. But one thing is for sure, whenever I actually do get back they will be on sale for the first 24 hours after the post!

Okay, well I'm out! It was good seeing you again! Hopefully it won't be so long until the next time! 

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