Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Magical Product Swap, Alphabet Beginning Sounds

Hey ya'll! I hope you are having a good week. Right now everything is going well. We are getting to spend some time up in my classroom decorating and getting ready for back to school. I still have tons to do, but it will get there! I will share pictures when I get everything up!

So I'm sure you all know Jessica Stanford, at Mrs. Stanford's Class! (If you don't, click here to go on over to her blog!) Well a while ago she had a wonderful idea to have bloggers swap products!


I was lucky enough to get to swap products with Sarah Shelton, from Kindergarten Korner. Sarah is amazing! She is super creative and very kind. You need to go check out her blog, as soon as you read about her awesome product, Alphabet Beginning Sounds!

This product is jam-packed with so many great ideas and activities! Not only does it have a lot of great items, but she gives you several ideas of activities that you can use the items with.

**On a side-note: As you can see above, not only is the items great, but the colors that she used... are amazing! I love them! They make me happy! :) **

So raise your hands if you teach letters and sounds? (*ahem*: If you are a kindergarten teacher, your hand should be raised!) Well then you need this packet.

These wonderful alphabet cards can be used in several ways: 1)Use them to decorate/label your word wall.
  2) Flash cards while teaching the letters. 3)Print two copies, play memory match with your students!

                                         (Sorry for the glare! I was using my cell phone!)
Here is one of my favorite parts! Picture cards! One of the activities I look forward to the most while teaching the alphabet, is Classifying (aka sorting) the pictures by their initial sounds! Not only is this a great activity to get those brains thinking... but it is one of the things they look for on TEAM (for us TN teachers).

Need some center work? Morning work? Independent work? Then these are great! And there are two options... so that you can DIFFERENTIATE it! Yay! I know my school would love this! Your lower-level students can simply identify the pictures that begin with the letter you are working with, while your students that need more of a challenge can brainstorm words that begin with the letter and then illustrate those words!

I am so excited to use this packet this year to help teach my kiddos their letters! It is a great resource, that I am sure the students are going to love! -I know this teacher will! You can go buy this packet here!

Thanks Sarah, for giving me the chance to review your Alphabet Beginning Sounds packet! Head on over to Kindergarten Korner! She will be reviewing my Ladybug Numbers Packet!


  1. Your classroom is looking so fantastic! I am so glad that we work together!

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