Monday, August 13, 2012

Keep Calm and Sing Soft Kitty

Hey ya'll! I'm still alive (yippee!) but I barely have time to breathe! These past few weeks have been ridiculously busy! So I have not been able to be on blogger at like all. This breaks my heart because I just know that so many of you are posting so many wonderful things and I haven't been around to read them! Ah!

So I have tons of pictures of my room to show you... but sadly the only way I know to upload them from my phone is to send them to facebook. And well facebook is BANNED from our school server.... and well I have NO internet at home! *GASP* What am I going to do???

Oh that's right! I just moved! Yesterday! Finished unloading all of my boxes around 4:30ish and then got back from Wally World around 10ish. So I still have boxes EVERYWHERE!!! I'm going to be dreaming about boxes for months! But it will get done and we will enjoy our lives in our new (rented) house! The dogs have plenty of room to run around and we have plenty of room to expand our family... if we so choose. (Which we probably won't!)

I am super happy to have my own place again. Even if that means being broke... having a yard to take care of for the first time...and... having TONS of things to buy that you would never need in an apartment! I love it! It is nice and quiet!

So that right now is my life. Teaching and testing during the day, unpacking boxes at night! Good thing thought that the boyfriend is a techie and figured out how to hook up our desktop to our tv so that we could watch some The Big Bang Theory!

I think I just found my mantra for the week! Love it!

So that is what is happening in my neck of the woods! I promise I will have pictures up by Friday night at the latest! We get cable/internet/phone installed on Thursday! Yippee!

Hope you are having a great week at work or at play if you are still in summer mode! 

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