Monday, August 20, 2012

My Pinterest Inspired Classroom

Wow. Can I say neglect? I mean, this post was supposed to go up LAST week on Thursday when I got internet at my NEW house! Woohoo! I guess... I hope you will forgive me! I have been super busy with working in my classroom, unpacking, and setting up my new home.

Ya'll I absolutely love it here. It is so much better than the apartment. I honestly think the best thing about it is the backyard! I mean... you have no idea how important it was for me to get a home with a fenced in backyard so that my dogs can run around in.

Okay... I'll get on with the show. I am now HAPPY to present Miss Cannon's Kindergarten Classroom 2012-2013!
This is the view from my classroom door. You can see the student work area here, as well as student computers and those red things in the backgrounds are their cubbies.
 This is MY area! You can see my teacher toolbox, my standards, and filing cabinets. I would eventually like to modpodge my filing cabinets, but I just didn't have the time at the time.
 View #1 of our carpet area.
 View #2 of our carpet area. I absolutely love how bright and fun this area looks!
 Our class Word Wall!
 Teacher Center. Yes... it is the same area I showed as Teacher Work Area. Just now you can see where students will work with me! You can also see my clipchart, rules, 
and crate seats in this picture!
 Our class library! It is tiny! But it is all the room I have! One of these days I would love to have a room that is bigger so I can make my library much more organized and comfy!
And last its our writing center! There is space up on the board to display a few students writing! The orange crate is where I keep their portfolio pieces. I have just added a three-drawer sterlite organizer to this center to organize their differentiated materials.

So there you have it! My not-so-buggy, yet VERY colorful classroom! If you ask me what my "theme" is... I'll have to tell you "pinterest." Because honestly, the things that make it what it is were ideas found from pinterest! 

I hope you will let me know what you think!!!

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  1. Your room looks great! I think many classrooms are pinterest inspired this year!


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