Monday, August 6, 2012

Its here: The First Day of School

Okay! So this past week has been EXTREMELY busy! Like to the point that ALL of my meals have been fast food, delivery, or on 2 occasions a quick lunch at a restaurant! If you know me, you KNOW that is not normal! I like home-cooked meals! The boyfriend and I enjoy cooking our own meals and eating at home. I mean, what does a restaurant have that we can not make? Not much! (Yes, I know... that sounds very boastful... but I can not tell a lie!)

School "officially" started tonight. (I say "officially" because it was only Back to School Night!) I am super excited to be done decorating my room. I will hopefully remember to take pictures tomorrow so that I can take you on a tour of my not-so-buggy room! I hope that you will like it as much  as me.

Okay, so I am super late to the party... but a follower invited me to join her linky earlier this week... or late last week... or sometime. But like I said, I've been super busy! *sigh* So to my lovely follower who asked me to join your linky, this is for you!

On the first day of school I do a lot of testing! I give each student the brigance and the dibels testing. Now, at this time I only have 5 kids... not the 22 that I have with the whole group... but that is still a lot of testing for 1 person to administer all by their lonesome! But I do get to do some fun activities!

When they come in, I will have some sort of morning work on their table for them to work on. This will allow me some time to get any secretarial thing done that I need to. -It will also allow me to begin teaching them PROCEDURES! Where do I get my morning work each morning? How am I supposed to work while I am doing my morning work?

After I give them some time to finish their morning work, I will call them to the carpet where we will begin our morning calendar. Then we will do a "math" lesson. Where we will sort our school supplies. After we sort them we will count them and talk about which  one we have the most of. 

We will then go to specials.

When we get back from specials we will do math centers. This will be play-doh, linking cubes, and computers. While the students are working independently on these fun centers, I will be testing Dibels.

After math centers, we will go to lunch.

When we get back we will read The Kissing Hand and talk about emotions that we felt about coming to school. After completing this activity we will have literacy centers: alphabet magnets(ABC center), library, computers, and some other center... probably play-doh again. While the students are working on these centers, I will be giving the Brigance.

We will then do whole group writing. We will refer to "The Kissing Hand." We will discuss how we felt on our first day of school. We will do our first anchor chart. (See the pinterest inspired anchor chart below!)

Using the words from our anchor chart, I will pass out a piece of paper. Students will draw a picture of themselves and then complete the following "I feel ____."

We will have recess.

(USUALLY, Unit would go here, but I am assuming that we will end up not having time for this part of the day because of the rules and procedures that we covered in the beginning of the day.)

And then have snack & pack, rest & test (I'll finish testing what I didn't get finished earlier).

So that is what I will do for the first day of school! What do you plan on doing on your first day of school. Head on over to Teaching With Z to link up!


  1. Great plans!!! =) We plan on doing a lot of that- but we luck out on testing b/c our school has a Dibels team that does all our Dibels tests for us! (Our special area teachers) And how do you feel about our 1 week of testing now? We are actually splitting the kids up Friday, Monday and Tuesday into 3 groups- then they will all come back either Wednesday or Thursday for an extra day before the first OFFICIAL day of school for kindergarten. We did not like that they were only going to have ONE day before starting full time. So now they'll get to come twice. I'll let you know how it goes. lol- I can't believe the kids start this week! I got depressed this morning b/c I finally realized summer is officially over. Hope your first week goes wonderfully!!! =)

    Under the Alphabet Tree

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