Thursday, January 10, 2013

Great Resource for Math

Hey! So I feel like I am doing better at posting more. :) (Even though technically it has already been 8 days.) But that is better than like 2 weeks right?? Right?

Anyways, each Thursday we have our kindergarten team meeting where we discuss random things, or work on aligning standards to our reading series, or meet about data. But today was exciting! Not because anything truly special happened, but because at the very end of the meeting, our academic coach shared a website with us that OMG, I think I love!

I have heard of the website before and gone once or twice but I have never really explored. But today got me hooked! It is the Read Tennessee website. And oh my, is it wonderful!

 If you click on "Math" and then go and click on the link that says "K-3 Math Common Core Standards" in the "Teachers" section you will be directed to a page that give you an overview.
On that second page (where you will find the 'Common Core Standards in Mathematics' overview) if you look at the blue column you can click on your grade. (Unfortunately if you teach anything higher than 3rd grade, this will not help you.)

Here is Kindergartens page.
There you can search by the different domains (i.e. counting and cardinality, geometry, etc) and specific standard.

Once you click on the standard that you want you will be taken to a page that gives you a summary, understanding (things that the students need to know and understand), specific questions to focus your instruction, and the skill progression.

You will also see a bar at the top.
This is where I think it really gets awesome!  Each one of these gives you lots of resources. And they are REALLY REALLY good! 

I highly recommend that you click on the photo below and head on over now and check out this website! And go ahead and share it with the people you work with! I am sure they will LOVE you for it!

While you are there, check out the "Read" section too. I haven't been over on that side, so I can't "recommend it." However, with the math section being as good as it is, I am sure that the "Read" section will be pretty awesome too.

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