Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whose Garden Is It and Freebie!

Whew! I am so tired! Thursdays are always a long day for me. I get to work early (like always) and then stay VERY late! However, I will admit if it was not for my faithful parent that comes in EVERY Thursday that we have school or don't have a field trip it would be a much longer day and I probably would never get everything I needed to accomplished!

But alas, she makes my copies for the next week and does other odds and ends for me. And then after school I stay late to get all my lesson plans done for the following week and get everything I need set up.

Another thing that has been a huge help the past several weeks is the wonderful literacy and math packets that Jennifer over at KinderTrips makes. If you don't know her go check out her blog!

If you use Scott Foresman then you definitely need to check out her math and literacy packets. They are totally worth the money! They give you everything you need to plan for reading whole group, literacy centers and math centers!

Next week we are doing Whose Garden Is It? Now despite my better judgement (I really don't understand why the basal has us doing a story about gardens when it is cold outside and everything green is dying.) I went ahead and got prepared for it!

Jennifer has some awesome activities for Whose Garden Is It? They are common core based and give you everything you need to score high when being observed. Go check out the literacy packet here and the math packet here!

To go along with the story I have also made 2 worksheets that I would like to share with you as a freebie. One is a page for your students to illustrate something that shows realism/fantasy in the story Whose Garden Is It? and another has the students illustrate 2 different types of gardens (flower gardens and vegetable gardens).

Click here to grab these worksheets and make sure you leave me some love!

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