Thursday, February 16, 2012

Presidents Day!

One more day and then a three day weekend! Oh my, how I need it. In preparation for our 3 day weekend, we have been busy doing lots of Presidential learning. Yesterday we focused on George Washington and learned that he was the 1st President, then made a super cute craft which I thought was gonna be too hard for them, but it wasn't (silent cheer!!). Then today we read about Abraham Lincoln and talked about how he wore a tall hat and lived in a log cabin. I love how they kept calling his hat a "magic hat." For our Lincoln craft we made Lincoln Log Cabins created from straight pretzels and they had to write about what they thought it would be like to live inside a cabin. They turned out really cute too! I am wanting to display them, but I'm afraid I'd get in trouble due to some crazy allergy. Anyways, I thought I would post some pictures to let you see how they turned out.

"I think it will have bugs tarantulas."

He was super proud and made a note to tell me that he had made a tarantula inside the house. (I think it is supposed to be the black markings in the roof area.)

 When I asked him what he wrote he said "I think it will be uncomfy." I'm actually very proud of his work because it has come a long way since the beginning of the year.

 "To go inside and look around an be a little careful."

 She said she thought it would be the same as living in "a real house."

If you want the writing that goes along with this craft, feel free to grab it below! Please leave a comment if you decide to take it! I like getting love!

Lincoln Log Cabin Writing

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