Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My day with Mr. Greg

I am on Spring Break this week. I know, how can that be? It's only the second week of March! Honestly, I think they did it because of the big snow storm that took us out of school for an entire week at this time last March. If that is the case, they got it wrong. (Thankfully, because I wouldn't be having this much fun if I was snowed in for the 4th week in a row!)

Anyways.... today was super exciting! For any blogger that follow Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard - be prepared to be jealous!
Yep! That is me and Mr. Greg himself! This isn't the first time we have met. In fact, I first met him WAY back during the summer of 2012 when we had dinner together! Here's a picture of that!

Reminiscing, that was such a fun night! I got to meet Greg for the first time, Erin Eberhart from Eberhart's Explorers, Laura from Kinder Kraziness and one of Laura's friends Elizabeth! Such a fun-filled night with a group of amazing kindergarten teachers! Then again a few years ago I got to meet Greg again at another dinner with more wonderful kindergarten teachers and we went and saw ICE! afterwards.

Digressing, today was amazing! I got to have lunch with Greg and his lovely co-workers. Than I was able to see Greg interact with his kiddos during recess and teach math!

Today's math lesson was on subtracting. While most of his kiddos had the concept down, Mr. Greg worked with one kiddo who struggled. It was amazing seeing him at work. He was very patient with the kiddo and asked lots of assessing and advancing questions to get him thinking. He really got the student to think about the problem and what it meant!

If you know Mr. Greg and have seen his blog, you know he loves bright cheerful colors and ANYTHING sparkly! His manipulatives did not disappoint! They were so colorful and shiny. Made me think of crystals! I think I will be on a hunt for something similar to use with my own kiddos.

I was definitely inspired to go back and work with my sweet babies on this topic once we return to school!

One of the activities that I plan on using with my kiddos is my Barnyard Subtraction Freebie! Click on the picture below to head to my TPT page to get this freebie!

It's an oldie, but the kids love it! What are you using to teach subtraction to your kiddos?


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