Saturday, July 30, 2011


Welcome to my blog! I hope you will find it entertaining, and find some interesting things that you can try with you new kindergarten students this year! Can you believe that summer is over? I know I can't. In just 4 days I will be meeting my new group of kiddos. I'm getting super excited, but am a little nervous. Thursday night is Back ti School Night where the parents and their children will come and meet their new teacher. Then on Friday morning, I will get to deliver a speech (yay!), introduce myself, and help parents be a little more calmer about leaving there children at school for 8 hours, 5 days a week. Di I mention that I do not like public speaking?? Well...I don't. I get nervous. Very nervous. Hopefully with my cute power point behind me I won't get too nervous. Although I've taught kindergarten (at the same school) for a year, I've never done the beginning of the year with kindergarten. Last year I started in 3rd grade and then go transferred after Labor Day because the school I was at had hired to many teacher. Am
 I nervous? To say the least, yes!

I still have plenty to do though! I have to do my Welcome Back Board (which I think will be Buggy About Kindergarten :) with students names on ladybugs!), name tags, and plans, etc. etc. Woo. This week is going to be exhausting! I will post some pictures of my classroom this week, along with some fun Ladybug themed things that I have created based on things I have found on other teacher blogs! THANK YOU! You guys have been such a huge inspiration to me!

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